Knitted Hats & Matching Scarves

Knitted Hats & Matching Scarves

Knitted Hats & Matching Scarves

In the dead of winter, your pets might be very chilly, especially when going outside for walks and potty! In extreme cases, this cold could even be dangerous to your pets more sensitive areas. A solution could be to use knitted hats and scarves to keep your pet warm. At Eclipse Pets, we have several matching hat and scarf options to keep your pet comfortable and safe during the most unforgiving season!

The materials used in our knitted hats and striped scarves are designed to be both comfortable and durable! We know your dog's apparel can get filthy – these accessories are machine washable for your convenience. These apparel options also feature openings for your pet's ears, as well as a band and tie to keep the scarf secured. Coming in three different sizes,  we have an option that will fit your dog whether they are a miniature dachshund or a stocky boxer. 

In addition to being functional, our accessories are also super cute! You'll find matching sets in a variety of different colors and designs. Our accessories are perfect for a holiday-themed style. For true fashion, we even have some matching dog sweaters to complete your pet's winter look!

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