It might not be everyone's favorite activity (pets included!), but grooming is an important part of healthy pet care. Not only will it help to keep your pet happy and looking their best, it also makes sure your house stays as neat as possible! Whether you need something for bathing, de-shedding, or styling, Eclipse Pets has something you can use for your next grooming session.

We have a variety of products from all kinds of reputable companies, ensuring you can feel good about the ingredients used in your favorite shampoo or conditioner. We also offer all kinds of options for different pets and their specific needs. Whether your pet suffers from allergies, dry skin, or has a troublesome, tangled coat, we've got something to help you make them feel their best.

Looking for some trusted gentle options? Our collection of Bebe & Cece shampoos and conditioners are perfect for the pet owner looking for natural ingredients and excellent results.

Does your pet have a special condition that needs treating? Our cat and dog shampoos and conditioners include options for itching, fleas and ticks, general stinkiness.

House full of fur tumbleweeds? We got tools to help you de-shed, including combs, brushes, and clippers.

No matter how much grooming your pet needs, Eclipse Pets has something you can use to help your pet!