Grooming Tools

Grooming Tools

Grooming Tools

Hiring a groomer for your pet can be rather expensive. If you want to try to save some money, Eclipse Pets offers a variety of grooming tools for use at home! From brushes to dryers to clippers, we've got what you need to keep your pet looking and feeling their best.

Grooming tools are something that needs to be sturdy and safe for your pet. We offer only the highest quality tools here at Eclipse Pets, so you can feel secure in your purchase. We also try to offer products that are simple and easy to use! This makes grooming a better experience for you and your pet.

Our products are all offered at affordable prices, meaning you can save a lot of money in the long run! Grooming your pet at home can also reduce their overall stress. It's a great solution for shy or anxious pups!

Does your dog shed like crazy? Our brushes, such as the ConairPRO Dog Slicker, are perfect for removing excess hair.

Does your pet have nails harder than diamonds? Our grinders, like the one from ConairPRO, makes it easier to get them down.

Have a pet that needs a trim? Our clippers, such as the Conair Canine Cordless, make it easier to give your pet a new 'do at home!

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BAMBU - Patent pending multi-sectioned pad. Outer layer of Metal Pin Tufts gently yet thoroughly det..
BAMBU - Patent pending multi-sectioned pad. Outer layer of Metal Pin Tufts gently yet thoroughly det..
What causes a clipper motor to wear out? The carbon brushes wear down. In this innovative motor..
Conair Canine FX Flexi-Groom Professional Cord/Cordless Trimmer is a powerful, quiet trimmer for fac..
Achieving a professionally groomed look is easy when you have the right tools. Featuring our Memory ..
The ConairPRO Cat Soft Slicker Brush safely and effectively penetrates your pets coat creating smoot..
• Designed specifically for drying pets • Four temperature / speed settings • Safe,..
• Powerful lightweight DC motor produces 50% more power than a magnetic motor •..
• Use for general clipping and trimming on all breeds • 5-position adjustable, detachable..
• For gentle washing and deep cleansing of all breeds • Dual settings: full body spray or..
ConairPRO Dog Flea Comb with Memory Gel Grip easily and gently removes fleas from your pet's coa..
ConairPRO Dog Comb with Memory Gel Grip gently and easily glides through your pet's coat. The 1-..
ConairPRO Dog Nail Clipper allows you to trim your pet's nails with comfort and confidence. The ..
ConairPRO Nail Grinder - Professional Nail Grinder For All Size Dogs. Quiet, Lightweight, Compact, A..
Replacement Grinding stone comes with:  1 piece #60 grinding stone 1 piece #100 grinding ston..