Cat Shampoos & Conditioners

Cat Shampoos & Conditioners

Cat Shampoos and Conditioners

Bathing your cat is not exactly a fun or pleasant experience, for you or your pet. It helps to make sure you are completely prepared before you start the process. One thing you'll definitely need to have is a good set of cat shampoo and conditioner. Here at Eclipse Pets, we have a few different options to ensure you are ready to give your cat a bath with as little stress as possible!

Our shampoos are designed to meet the unique needs of your cat and their skin and fur condition. Each choice is made with beneficial, natural ingredients, yet is affordable and will definitely fit your budget!

Got an itchy pet? Scratchy Cat's formula with tea tree and flaxseed oils, oatmeal, and aloe vera is designed to soothe your cat's flaky, dry skin. It's great for cats with skin ailments!

Have a long-haired cat or a serious shedder? Shaggy Cat's formula uses vitamin E, jojoba oil, and aloe vera to improve the texture of your cat's fur. The ingredients also help to control shedding, dander, and mats!

Does your pet seriously stink? Smelly Cat's formula uses vegetable extract, oatmeal, vitamin, aloe vera, lavender, and rosemary to get your pet back to smelling fresh and clean!

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Lavender & Aloe Pet Shampoo with Hemp Oil New
Lavender and Aloe, promotes relief for even the most sensitive and dry skin, a soft, silky coat, and..
A natural soothing shampoo that relieves itching, flaking, and dander with Tea Tree Oil, Flax Seed O..
A natural shampoo and conditioner in one that smoothes and detangles with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and ..
A natural deodorizing shampoo that eliminates odors with Vegetable Extract, Oatmeal, Vitamin E, Aloe..
Unscented Pet Shampoo with Hemp Oil New
DescriptionAvailable in 16oz and 1 gallon sizes.Unscented, promotes relief for even the most..