Furniture & Beds

Furniture and Beds


There is nothing better than investing in a comfortable bed and a good piece of furniture for your pet. Whether you have a cute cat or a cuddly puppy, he needs to have his own special place inside your home.  Though you may want to sleep with your pet, allowing his own space will give him more comfort and teach him to be independent. Here at Eclipse Pets, we have a great collection of furniture and beds that you can choose from.

Comfort is also a concern for pet owners, especially as dogs and cats reach their senior years!  A plush bed or pillow can be a great choice for pets with joint pain or arthritis. At Eclipse Pets you can choose from our pillows, dog beds, and cat beds – All are available in different sizes and designs.  There's definitely something that will match your home's decor!

Training your pet? Then, we suggest some crate covers, crate mats, and crates.

Installing a pet gate can give you the comfort of knowing both you and your pet are safe from accidents.  Gates are also excellent training tools.  Gates come in both metal and wooden varieties. 

No matter what you choose - both you and your pet will surely love all of these awesome collections!