Pet Throvers & Mess Mats

Pet Throvers & Mess Mats

Pet Throws and Mess Mats

Let's face it – pets are messy. Just about every type of pet sheds, and they tend to be messy eaters too. Luckily, you will find a wide selection of throws and mats to help you keep your home neat and tidy right here at Eclipse Pets.  Whether you think it's perfect for your own home or would make a great gift for friends or family members, there's a pattern or design in stock!

For your messiest pets, our mess mats are ideal. These mats can be used anywhere, although they are most commonly placed beneath your pet's food and water dishes. These mats are great for keeping crumbs contained! They also work really well for mopping up spills and drool! This is an affordable and easy way to keep your feeding areas clean.

To keep your furniture from getting furry, our pet throws are a smart choice. Our throws are designed to  keep that fur from getting all over your couch or armchair. Even better, they are designed to be odor-resistant, and protect your furniture from stains! Simply throw them in the wash for a refresh as needed. These throws are also stylish and come in many designs, making them a perfect match to your overall décor. 

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