Looking for a cute accessory that has a practical use too? Our pillows are the perfect statement piece for your home, whether you decide to use some on your pet's bed or crate, or even on your own couch or bed! Pillows are a great way to show off some of your personal style, but they also make for a great place to rest your head or prop up your feet. At Eclipse Pets, we have a selection of cute, shaped pillows for your to choose from!

Since pillows are a personal extension of your style, we have a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns for you to choose from. All of our pillows are made with quality materials, including durable fabrics and comfy fillings. No matter what style you choose to complement your home, you'll find our microvelvet is totally soft and comfortable, yet also easy to spot clean. No need to worry if a small accident stains your pillow!

In addition to looking cute and stylish, our pillow are super comfortable, made with furniture-grade memory foam inside. Whether you, your guests, or your pets will be using these pillows, we guarantee it'll be a comfy experience!  Check out our variety of options and order a few to keep on hand.



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Kelly Toy Pillow Chum - Schnauzer 30" Out Of Stock

Kelly Toy Pillow Chum - Schnauzer 30"

Ultra-soft Pillow Chum in a 30" Scottie the Schnauzer.  Child safe velcro secures it in an..


Kelly Toy Pillow Chum - Schnauzer 40" Out Of Stock

Kelly Toy Pillow Chum - Schnauzer 40"

Large Scottie the Schnauzer Pillow Chum from Eclipse Pets!  Ultra-soft pillow which when opened..


Kelly Toy Plush Floppy Dog - 28" Out Of Stock

Kelly Toy Plush Floppy Dog - 28"

KellyToy Plush Floppy Dog is perfect for any "kid" (human or dog) to cuddle with and ..